MicroStrategy’s $425 Million Purchase of Bitcoin (BTC) was executed by Coinbase Back in September 2020

Since the beginning of the cryptocurrency industry, the US Federal Reserve’s (Fed) leadership has been very concerned and skeptical about cryptocurrencies. However, reports have started emerging in regards to the involvement of the Central Bank of the United States in Bitcoin (BTC) investments.

It is highly likely that the central bank may turn out to be the federal institution to have adopted Bitcoin (BTC). There are analysts claiming that there are high chances that the central bank has already invested in Bitcoin via ETF.

As the world faced a pandemic outbreak in the year 2020, the US Federal Reserve made full use of the situation. The authority entered the markets and started converting cash into bonds regardless of the bond types. The regulatory authority did go for the exchange-traded funds (EFT) for the bonds.

The investment that the bank made it the crypto-linked bonds’ fourth-largest owner. The ranking was measured and allotted by SPDR Bloomberg for the exchange-traded fund (ETF) for Barclays High Yield Bond (JNK).

On June 9, MicroStrategy had reportedly gone ahead and made an offer of its junk bonds. The reports suggest that the bonds that MicroStrategy offered were worth $500 million. The business intelligence firm was going for the sales of the junk bonds to get its hands on more Bitcoin (BTC).

Therefore, many firms and institutions have reached out to MicroStrategy in order to get their hands on MicroStrategy. So far, MicroStrategy has accumulated almost 100,000 Bitcoin (BTC), which is why it can provide Bitcoin (BTC) to firms willing to invest in them.

However, the institutions being attracted to MicroStrategy are not the usual ones but the ones that are out of the ordinary. These particular firms do not want to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) because certain conditions or restrictions do not let them.

This is when MicroStrategy turns out to be the perfect choice for investments as it can act as an exchange-traded fund (ETF). MicroStrategy has also started expanding itself in the cryptocurrency markets by opening a subsidiary named “MacroStrategy LLC”.

The purpose of the exchange is to carry out research and find newer ways of making use of cryptocurrencies in the crypto-space. The firm aims to find the most useful products from the crypto-verse such as Bitcoin (BTC) and offer them to mainstream institutions.

MicroStrategy has stated that its mission is to ensure that Bitcoin (BTC) gains as much mainstream exposure as possible. According to him, Bitcoin (BTC) has already managed to make it to Wall Street.

Now, his mission is to pitch Bitcoin (BTC) to as many mainstream institutions as possible. He wants to ensure that in the next few years, he brings the $1 trillion Bitcoin market close to the $400 trillion markets of conventional assets.


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