When the pandemic hit the entire world and lockdowns were put in place, the sector that took the most amount of damage was the airline sector. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the majority of the countries around the world imposed cross-border travel bans. In the current times, as the airline sector is the most convenient and quickest way to travel, they took the most amount of impact.

Now that the lockdowns are going off and travel-bans are lifting off, people have started traveling across the world. Still, the risks of the spread of the coronavirus are still present and it has become really important for the airline companies to take extreme measures and follow SOP(s).

With airlines getting resumed and travel-bans being lifted, still it has to be made sure that anyone traveling through airlines is tested for COVID-19. This is where the blockchain system comes in and offers its technologies to the countries where there are still high risks of corona-virus.

When the pandemic hit the entire world, the need for biosurveillance was felt at large. None of the countries were ready to take the risk of letting anyone travel without checking their past record for the COVID-19 tests. Most importantly, the countries wanted to ensure that the medical records of the citizens were kept private so no third party had access to them.

This is where the blockchain technology covered all the factors and requirements and was adopted by countries such as China, Hong Kong, and more to track coronavirus and other medical records.

Recently, one of the users on Twitter has informed through social media that he had the opportunity to travel through an airline. The user informed that he boarded the flight from Frankfurt Airport and got to know what technology they are using for COVID-19 tests. He revealed that the Frankfurt Airport’s COVID-19 testing center is using IOTA blockchain technology to manage the health stats of the passengers.

When checked with the development team of the IOTA blockchain, this piece of information has turned into a fact. The IOTA blockchain provider has confirmed that the Frankfurt airport is indeed using their blockchain for tracking COVID-19 cases.

By investigating further into the reports, it has been revealed that IOTA technology has been backed by Ubirch. It is a cybersecurity technology provider that is located in Cologne and several other locations. Ubirch is known for providing cybersecurity solutions to different firms that are based on the blockchain platform.

According to the firm, the IOTA technology being used at the Frankfurt Airports is based on the IT infrastructure solution dubbed as “Digital Corona Test Certificate”. The platform operates in accordance with the European data protection regulations and verifies the COVID-19 status from the passengers’ status.


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