Harrington Plus Review

Does it feel different when you trade with the best in the industry? I don’t want to make a huge claim without you agreeing with it and that’s why I think my Harrington Plus review makes great sense here. If you are looking for a great trading platform for starting your trading career, I think you have landed on the right page. After many months of looking into the trading features this company offers, I can tell you that things are quite simple yet extremely useful for traders when they sign up with it. In a lot of ways, I find it to be better than most options out there.

Now, keep in mind that I am one of the people who are not impressed by bells and whistles and marketing gimmicks. For me, things that matter the most are extremely crucial for any trader’s career. Here are some reasons that I think you will feel different when you sign up with this company and start your trading career.

All Security Protocols in Place

You can’t sign up with a company with peace of mind if you think they are missing some important security protocols. In fact, if you talk to me before you sign up with a trading platform, the only thing I will tell you is that you must not ignore security. Are they encrypting the information you provide while signing up and when you give out your banking details? Do they encrypt using the latest 256-bit encryption methods? Furthermore, they should abide by the law and adhere to important industry policies, such as KYC, AML, and CFT.

The company has its bank account at some of the best banks in the world. Why I use the word “accounts” and not “account” is because there are two different accounts. The first account is for the company to keep its money. On the other hand, the other account is dedicated for traders to store their money. That’s what you call segregation of funds, which is an important factor to consider before you trade.

Mobile Platform and Web Trader

What is your method of trading? Do you like to trade at home when you have returned from work? Are you someone interested in trading at any time of the day without any barriers between you and the financial markets? Whatever the case may be, you will enjoy some great trading with Harrington Plus. The trading platform is available in the web, which means you can use it just like a website without any compatibility issues. The operating system you have on your device or the type of device you own really does not matter. The trading platform will work on all major mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

At the same time, you can use it without downloading if you go with the web trader version. I also have to mention here that it is one of the most user-friendly trading platforms that I have seen in my trading career.

Trading Accounts with Big Leverages, Tight Spreads, and More

The more you look into the trading accounts, the more you realize that this company is thinking of the best for you. Your swap fees start to reduce when you go from the basic to the advanced trading accounts. The deposit for the basic trading account is 5000 EUR whereas the deposit required for bronze and premium accounts is 10,000 EUR and 50,000 EUR respectively. Your leverages can go as high as 100x. Commissions on your trades can be as high as 3% with the basic account but as low as user-defined when you go with the right account.

Final Thoughts

Harrington Plus even has some great trading education and training material available for its traders. It might not be the best platform today, but it definitely has everything in place to reach that point. Do you know you have three different phone numbers that you can call for any customer support queries?


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