One of the Nigerian hip hop artists from the Africa region has sparked a lot of buzz among the cryptocurrency community with his announcement. He has not only surprised the crypto-community but also shocked the entire music industry in Nigeria (Africa).

Davido, one of the finest hip hop artists ever produced by Nigeria has recently made a tweet expressing his intentions of starting a Bitcoin (BTC) trading company.

By making a small tweet, Davido has enlisted himself among the African artists that are willing to become part of the cryptocurrency industry. However, is not only interested in investing in Bitcoin (BTC), but he is willing to start his own Bitcoin (BTC) company.

Before Davido, it was Akon who is a singer from Senegalese and one of the most prominent hip hop singers in the entire music industry who embraced cryptocurrencies.

Back in October 2020, David announced that he had recently gotten into a partnership with Bitsika. Bitsika is a prominent cryptocurrency payment firm that is based in Ghana. Davido revealed to all of his 8 million followers that as part of the deal, he will be promoting Bitsika’s application.

Davido is one of the most prominent of highly influential hip hop artists in Nigeria. After his recent partnership announcement, Bitsika is experiencing really high traffic on its platform.

According to cryptocurrency analysts, Davido’s recent has not only caused a buzz in the African region but the entire world. His single tweet supporting cryptocurrencies will go a long way in attracting more users to the platform.

Another cryptocurrency exchange known as Naijacryptos has shared the same viewpoint around the crypto-adoption in Nigeria. Naijacryptos’ CEO ChiagozieIwu stated that with time, the demand and adoption in cryptocurrencies have been experiencing a constant rise.

This is exactly what might have compelled Davido to think about cryptocurrencies. Hence, he is now interested in opening up a trading company for one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world “Bitcoin”. It appears to be the only reason why he expressed his intentions through the Twitter platform with his followers.

Iwu also provided an explanation as to how Davido’s single tweet can bring massive adoption to the cryptocurrency platform. He stated that the maximum amount of followers the crypto-influencers have on the Twitter platform are 40,000.

On the other hand, Davido alone has more than 8 million followers on the Twitter platform. Therefore, a single tweet made by the pop star on cryptocurrencies would result in bringing in a large number of investors to the platform.

Through Davido’s tweet, more people in Nigeria and around the world would come to know about cryptocurrencies and most importantly, Bitcoin (BTC). In the end, Davido’s tweet has caused a lot of stir in the cryptocurrency industry and his followers have now started opening up about their view in the industry.


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