Huge Whale Movement Of Around US$ 936,000,000 In Crypto Through BTC & XRP

Fresh crypto whale movements have been witnessed at the closing of the week. Approximately US$ 936,000,000 got moved in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ripple (XRP). Investors might be eyeing for the massive airdrop.

While the week was closing, it was witnessed that pods of whales were seen emerging out of water on surface. It was reported that two of the cryptocurrencies, BTC and XRP, worth around US$ 936,000,000 were seen being moved recently. The experts and analysts, who noted the move, pointed out that this could be for various reasons. However, the most obvious reason would be that investors had been eyeing for massive airdrop, they said.

It was later on revealed that two unfamiliar Bitcoin investors had recently transferred about 29,217 BTC equivalent to US$ 564 Million to another wallet. However, it was unknown as to whose wallets the said transfers of Bitcoin had been made. The details of the transfer suggested that 29,217 BTC had been sent in two transactions. The first transaction was comprised of 7,371 and the second was of 21,846

On Friday, two BTC whales moved a total of 29,217 BTC worth about $564.2 million. Both transactions sent Bitcoin from one wallet of unknown origin to another. It was further found out that said transactions were neither from any renowned investor nor from any popular crypto platform.

Another huge movement of cryptocurrency also came into limelight which comprised of XRP – the third largest digital currency of the world.

It was later revealed that a total of 634,610,356 XRP were moved lately which, which comes to US$373 Million approximately. Similarly, this huge quantity of XRP got moved into two transactions. The said transfer also occurred in the past week and it was noted that first transaction comprised of the highest number of XRP ever.

It was further observed the transaction contained a total of 450,094,745 which meant that US$ 266 Million was at stake. As in the case of Bitcoin, the identity of XRP sender was also mysterious. However, the digital coins were reportedly landed at a renowned platform called Huobi.

Apart from these huge transactions of Bitcoin and XRP, there were other worth notable XRP transactions in the past week. It was found out that another 107 Million worth of XRP got moved past week.



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