The person behind the invention of Greece’s first every digital currency had vanished from the picture early this month while his invention was doomed significantly. The inventor is now back and says told the local press that he will be taking the issues in his own hands and will respond to the accusations leveled against him.

Vangelis Tsapas is a Greek who needs no introduction in the country as he is quite famous for various things to his credit. Amongst the things to his credit, he owns a national-level basketball team. In addition, he has been conducting several businesses and happens to be the inventor of Greece’s first-ever cryptocurrency namely Hellenic Coin (HNC).

However, after successfully developing and thereafter launching the HNC coin, the inventor suddenly vanished from the picture earlier this month. Resultantly, there was a huge impact inflicted upon HNC whose value dropped massively. When he was there, the value of HNC was surging and it went up to the point where it was selling for US$ 4.84. However, the price went down to an extreme level on 8th November 2021, when the news of Tsapas’s vanishing emerged. The first drop moved the price down to US$ 1.20 and presently, the value is under US$ 0.34.

After HNC’s launch, it was in the month of June 2021 when HNC reached its all-time high value of US$ 4.84. Since then the value continues to keep dropping because of an overall impact upon the crypto economy. But the level of US$ 0.34 has sparked controversy amongst HNC holders which have been further fueled by the vanishing of Tsapas.

HNC holders are raising allegations that Tsapas has been manipulating the prices himself. They are claiming that his sudden non-availability was deliberate and he wanted to bring down HNC’s value to an alarming level. Another allegation attributed to him is that he had sold his HNC coins intentionally for generating a “slump”. During all this time when people were raising allegations against Tsapas, he did not respond to anyone. In fact, he stopped receiving calls, appearing on social media, and answering emails as well.

However, he has recently contacted the local press and informed the press that he hadn’t escaped nor he is running from anything. Instead, there were certain matters which needed his attention and therefore he had to be away for a short time.

As regards the allegations of price manipulation against him, he said that all of them are false and baseless accusations. He said that why he would do such a thing to HNC which is in fact his very own invention. He said that he will be shortly noting each and every allegation and accusation leveled against him. Thereafter, he would respond to each allegation individually and will make sure that his name is clear from the accusations.


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