In recent years, the cryptocurrency industry as a whole has become one of the most profitable and essential industries. Tech companies from around the world are venturing into the cryptocurrency industry with aims to gain from this technology.

This is where another company known as Zeitgeist has made the move of capitalizing from the growing demand and popularity currently being experienced in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Zeitgeist has just announced that it will be rolling a new platform that will be acting as a predictive system. Zeitgeist has revealed that the new prediction platform being launched will be integrated into the Polkadot system.

As per Zeitgeist, the purpose of launching the predictive platform is to provide more opportunities to the investors in profiting from the markets. This platform would eventually help cryptocurrency investors make huge investments based on the indicators and signals generated by the predictive platform.

These signals and indicators would ensure that every move that the investors make in the crypto-market is most profiting.

When it comes to prediction markets, the sector has been around for a really long time. The prediction markets were present even before the cryptocurrency industry was brought into being in 2009. However, before the existence of cryptocurrencies, the prediction markets were referred to as organized betting.

These prediction markets have been around for centuries and have been adopted by economically advanced countries and nations in the past.

Now that blockchain technology is around and is the most trending, integrating the predictions market ecosystem to this technology would give fruitful results.

With the help of the prediction markets, blockchain technology will be able to reach new heights and achieve new milestones. Ever since the cryptocurrency-blockchain industry came into being, it has been considered the most volatile industry in the online world.

While the world of stocks, forex, or commodities experiences slight changes to their prices in 24 hours, the cryptocurrency prices tend to fluctuate every second.

This very nature of cryptocurrencies makes them extremely difficult to handle and put money on. Therefore, Zeitgeist’s prediction market system will prove to be the best when it comes to extracting profits from the industry.

Zeitgeist is known as a new startup in the crypto-blockchain industry that has recently come out of its stealth mode. The firm has announced that it has launched a new prediction market ecosystem that is based on Substrate. The firm has also confirmed that the development framework for the prediction market ecosystem has been pioneered by Polkadot.

It was just a few months back when Zeitgeist had revealed the project and had managed to raise $1.5 million for it. Zeitgeist has confirmed that the governance of the prediction market will be conducted through the ZTG token.


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