Bitcoin has very much become one of the most influential currencies in the world right now. The cryptocurrency has continued to raise its price and keeps growing bigger. But if there is something that people like about cryptocurrencies it is how it is able to shift on a dime and adapt to the changing times. And the incredibly high rise in prices is a testament to how the market is improving with each passing day.

Bitcoin, other than being the face of the crypto market, has been able to make a name for itself and has even started a multitude of side projects as well. One of their side projects on the same blockchain is the Greyscale.

A good way to better understand Bitcoin and its many side projects is through the bitcoin Blockchain. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin exists on the blockchain by the same name, which can also host a multitude of other cryptocurrencies or firms. One of the firms that it has taken on is Greyscale, which has grown to become the biggest cryptocurrency asset manager in the world. It also deals with a variety of other digital assets, all of which add to its reputation of an incredible service.

Recently they have taken on three more altcoins, each of which will be available over the counter in a variety of marketplaces. Even now, the OTCQX market has begun trading all three of these altcoins under the names of HZEN for Horizen, GXLM for stellar Lumen, and ZCSH for Zcash.

Greyscale is acting as the sponsor for all of these three crypto tokens, which will help investors see how prices from these underlying markets move. The biggest advantage that they have to offer over most traditional types of investors is that these tokens skip having to need prior exposure to the market. Instead, retail investors can easily make their way into the market through these types of cryptocurrencies and not have to worry about not having any knowledge about the market.

Even the head of legal at Grayscale said that they are looking to use these trusts to move into more public markets. Therefore, these investors will be able to use these trusts to gain more exposure about the market without having to risk too much of their money. And among the many other altcoins that they could already trade in, they will now also be able to trade in Zcash, Stellar, and Horizen.

The introduction of trusts to the crypto market is a very natural response to the needs of users. People want to learn more about the market without having to risk their financial stability. And with these trusts, they just might be able to do that.


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