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As per the latest reports, HIPS Payment Group Ltd. has made a huge announcement for the cryptocurrency sector. The HIPS Payment Group has announced that it has launched its Merchant Token (MTO). According to reports, Merchant Token (MTO) was reportedly one of the highly anticipated cryptocurrencies in recent months.

Apart from the Merchant Token (MTO), HIPS Payment Group Ltd. has made two more major announcements. The platform has announced that it has also launched its Hips Merchant Protocol Gateway (HMP-gateway) and the Merchant Protocol (HMP).

HIPS Payment Group Ltd is prominently known as a provider of mobile payment, cost-effective e-commerce, and innovative solutions.

It has been revealed that the governing Merchant Token (MTO) the Hips Merchant Protocol Gateway (HMP-gateway), and HIPS Merchant Protocol (HMP) all tend to provide the same solution.

The aim of these services is to practice the consumer protection concepts that are currently being practiced in the payment industry of traditional cards. The platforms are able to introduce traditional card policies to any blockchain.

On top of that, the platforms are also developed and launched for providing support when it comes to smart contracts such as Solana, Cardano, or Ethereum.

The CEO of Hips, John Cavebring also shared his views around the launch of the Merchant Token (MTO) and its significance in the cryptocurrency industry.

He claimed that Merchant Token (MTO) is a customer-oriented digital asset that is capable of offering users a lot of features. With the introduction of the Merchant Token (MTO), the cryptocurrency industry will now have the final piece of the puzzle added.

With the help of the Merchant Token (MTO), the cryptocurrency industry will be gaining more recognition and adoption among mainstream institutions.

HIPS Payment Group Ltd has confirmed that Merchant Token (MTO) will be acting as the native protocol token for Hips Merchant Protocol (HMP). As of now, the Merchant Token (MTO) follows the standard for ERC-20 and is currently being issued on Ethereum (ETH).

At the beginning of the launch of the protocol, HMP will proceed with ERC20 token escrow through the blockchain run by Ethereum. However, it has been reported that the HMP protocol will be able to provide the same kind of benefits and service on other blockchains that support the protocol.

On top of that, the HIPS Merchant Blockchain will be acting as a native blockchain for Merchant Coin (MEO) and HMP. Merchant Coin (MEO) currently acts as Hips Merchant Blockchain’s on-block native currency. The HIPS Merchant Blockchain facilitates the optimization of merchant transactions taking place on a real-time basis.

HIPS Payment Group Ltd is determined that with the introduction of these features and services, the platform will be able to deliver the best to the users.


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