More Stake-Holders Becoming Interested in Bitcoin (BTC) as Kanye West, JP Morgan, PayPal Praise Bitcoin (BTC)

The Google searching platform recently revealed that the Bitcoin (BTC) searches went sky-rocket from the last week. So far, the spike in the BTC search has observed a three-month high. This spike is attributed mainly to the positive feedback that some of the very popular entities shared about Bitcoin (BTC).

The very first entity is none other than PayPal that recently announced it had integrated Bitcoin (BTC) into their platform. Then it is JPMorgan, which is a banking giant that praised the growth and development of Bitcoin (BTC).

Last but not least, it is one of the most controversial and popular American celebrity, Kanye West. The celebrity also added his positive review about the Bitcoin (BTC) industry and how it can help the struggling class in American society.

The hype in the popularity and search for Bitcoin (BTC) was observed right after PayPal’s official announcement. PayPal announced its collaboration with the cryptocurrency markets stating that it will integrate Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method on its platform.

PayPal announced that with this, the PayPal users will be able to buy, sell and even save Bitcoin along with other crypto-assets in their PayPal accounts.

Apart from PayPal, the banking giant, JP Morgan also made a shocking statement. It stated that among all other assets, Bitcoin (BTC) has the ability to compete with gold. With its popularity and demand, Bitcoin (BTC) can become the first-ever asset to beat gold.

JP Morgan backed this statement by stating that the future will be run by the millennials that are leaning more towards BTC instead of gold. Therefore, in the future, Bitcoin (BTC) is appearing to be a more promising investment asset as compared to gold.

Kanye West, who has recently become the richest rapper in the world with a whopping $1.3 net worth, also praised Bitcoin. As per him, the social media platforms are also switching to decentralized channels. On top of this, he added that the future of the financial sectors and economies will be set by the alternative currencies.




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