As per the latest reports, another giant may enter the Bitcoin (BTC) pool in the coming days. The giant is none other than “Netflix”, which is the largest online streaming platform that has been breaking all-streaming records.

There are speculations that Netflix may end up being the next Fortune 100 Company that will emerge as another giant investing in Bitcoin (BTC). This particular speculation has been made by Tim Draper and he has also added that the e-commerce giant “Amazon” will have to accept the move from Netflix.

Tim Draper was seen sharing his views and thoughts around the recent reports on Netflix during a podcast that was held back on February 28, 2021. Tim Draper is a prominent venture capitalist from the United States who is also known as a hodler and a serial investor.

He shared his forecast over the giant companies that are most likely to invest in BTC. He stated that out of all the companies that he has studied, he finds that Netflix would be the one that will start investing in BTC.

During the podcast, Draper started talking about the chief executive of Netflix, Reed Hastings. He stated that although he does not know much about Hastings, he definitely knows what he is after. According to Draper, Hastings is a person that is after innovation and is a master of creative thinking.

Draper added that Hastings is the person who can control the direction of Netflix and if his observation is correct, then Hastings will soon take Netflix to the Bitcoin Island.

Based on the above, Draper stated that Netflix would be the next giant that will be involved in investing big in Bitcoin (BTC).

The reason why investors and analysts have started predicting that one of the giants has started investing in BTC is because of the recent transactions that have started popping up on US crypto-exchanges.

According to some of the on-chain data analyzing firms, large batches of BTC transactions worth $48k each have been observed flowing through one of the largest crypto-exchanges “Coinbase”.

As per the reporting sites, these large buy-outs have been triggered by major institutional firms. Although there are confirmed reports of major firms such as Square and MicroStrategy making huge investments, there are still many transactions that are yet to be identified.

This is where the prediction and forecast from Tim Draper come in and as per him, it is Netflix that may be going for the BTC purchases through Coinbase.

However, it is still not confirmed, which institutional giant may be carrying out these sales, but analysts are stating that the confirmation will soon be made by the company responsible for these transactions.


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