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In a recent development, Ether is facing a situation that can split up the Ethereum blockchain. The situation gets tricky after the Geth Hotfix update is failed. Geth is the most trusted software to connect to Ethereum blockchain.

The number of network validators, also called nodes, have failed to further update the Ethereum blockchain. As a result of this failure, Ethereum is facing a chain split. An emergency hotfix was released by the developer’s team responsible for the security maintenance of Ethereum software Geth. The hotfix was released regarding the security loophole in the software’s code.

On August 18, an anonymous resource talked about the possible loophole in Ether blockchain. The Ethereum go team replied by saying that soon the patch would be released to rectify the issue. However, the team did not specify the exact nature of the vulnerability. On August 24th, one of the Ethereum team lead Peter Szilagyi wrote “The exact nature of the vector would be disclosed later to provide node operators more time so they might be able to update their software.

But the fact of the matter is that node operators remained unable to update Geth software. Users have further identified that the Geth team is using older versions of security protocols of the Geth Software.

Since there have been security concerns regarding the latest version of the Geth software, that’s why only 30% of the users have updated to the latest version. Even though team Geth stressed that users should go for the update, but users have not trusted the developers’ statement. The importance of Geth is unparalleled, 75% of the total users connect to the Ethereum blockchain via Geth software.

However, Marius Van Der Wijden, one of the members of Go Ethereum, spoken in a personal capacity about the update. He said that after the loophole an updated patch was inevitable.  He also said, “I was quite sure that someone will eventually find the bug,” I hoped that a large majority of the users would have updated in time.”

He called for node operators to look into the user’s updates on the social media channels, the team pushed into the open mailing list for “distributing critical information.”   He further said that team has responded smartly and according to the situation. He also said that the Go Ethereum developers’ team has responded to the rumors of a potential chain split pretty effectively. The offending breach and unspecified loophole are dealt with accordingly. The top management would soon publish a detailed statement about the matter. Though, all the thoughts shared by Marius Van Der Wijden, during his interview CoinDesk are in a personal capacity.


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