According to the latest reports, Nuvei is in the process of giving a huge surprise to the cryptocurrency community in Canada. The reports suggest that Nuvei is in the process of acquiring Simplex, and it is currently finalizing the deal with Simplex.

Nuvei is one of the most prominent payment giants based in Canada, while Simplex is a cryptocurrency startup based in Israel. The sources have revealed that the deal between the two companies may be finalized at $250 million. If the deal is successful then Nuvei will be able to acquire Simplex for $250 million.

With the recent move, the online payment solutions industry has proven how it perceives the cryptocurrency industry. As demand for cryptocurrencies and digital assets continues to rise in the global markets, more and more institutions are adopting cryptocurrencies.

Every industry is trying to make the best out of the cryptocurrency industry and is aiming to surpass each other’s competitors in the process. Out of all the sectors and industries adopting cryptocurrencies, e-commerce solutions are at the top in integrating crypto-blockchain services on their platforms.

The recent deal between Nuvei and Simplex is the very example of the adoption level that e-commerce platforms are demonstrating.

One of the blockchain publication platforms called BlockBeats has predicted that the deal between the two firms will be finalized in the new few days. BlockBeats is a famous publication platform that publishes stories related to blockchains and it is based in Beijing.

According to the observers, the deal between the two companies would be finalized at a price between $200 and $250 million.

At the time of writing, the talks are going on between the decision-makers of both companies. When approached for comment and a statement around the matter, none of the firms has commented on the matter.

With the acquisition of Simplex, Nuvei is making it clear that it is planning to venture into the cryptocurrency markets. By making this move, Nuvei would become the first-ever payments giant to offer such a large variety of cryptocurrency options to people in Canada.

Back in March, Nuvei had made a huge announcement for the cryptocurrency users wanting to use its platform. Nuvei added almost 40 different cryptocurrencies to its platform as a form of payment method. This gave cryptocurrency users from around the world the to process transactions using major cryptocurrencies.

Some of the major cryptocurrencies included Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoi (LTC), and many more. The platform currently offers both sending and receiving facilities for cryptocurrencies to the users through its platform.

On the other hand, Simplex is a platform known for enabling businesses and individuals in converting their fiat into cryptocurrencies. This way, the users gain exposure to cryptocurrencies and they can either use them for purchases or trading activities.


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