Yet another announcement from the German Soccer Association that has taken the fans by surprise. It seems as though the German soccer clubs have grown much affection towards the blockchain-technology.

Just recently, it was one of the top soccer clubs from Germany ‘Bayern Munich’ that announced its collaboration with blockchain-based fantasy soccer game ‘Sorare’.

And now it is another top club from Germany’s Bundesliga that has partnered with a cryptocurrency trading platform. The name of the astonishing soccer club from Germany is Borussia Dortmund, which is popularly known as BVB.

The famous soccer club BVB is reported to have partnered with Bybit, which is a popular platform in the crypto-trading markets.

As of now, both parties are reluctant of sharing any information related to their partnership around brand outreach. However, the CEO of Bybit ‘Ben Zhou’ commended the current popularity and recognition of the German soccer club. Ben stated that BVB currently ranks as the seventh largest soccer club in the world with respect to fan following.

The CEO of Bybit also provided brief information around the purpose of their partnership with BVB. He stated that Bybit aims to use the popularity and recognition of the BVB club to publicize/advertise their brand.

Through BVB’s soccer matches, Bybit plans to advertise its first whirl of logo and outreach to fans with its slogans. As per the soccer analysts, BVB has taken this step following Bayern Munich’s recent collaboration with a digital entertainment group ‘Stryking Entertainment’ to digitalize their player merchandize.

Bayern Munich also had a fantasy-style game developed by the same entertainment group allowing players to sale, purchase, and even trade the club’s players based on their rarity.

Furthermore, Ben also commented on the recent blockchain-based developments that have taken place in the soccer industry. He stated that majority of the top soccer clubs have already started adopting the blockchain technology.

Most of the major soccer clubs have collaborated with numerous crypto-blockchain technology based firms. With their collaboration, these clubs have developed digital-tokens for their fans. The soccer fans can use these tokens to acquire access to special content and merchandize available on the soccer clubs’ profiles.


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