Back in 2009, when the cryptocurrency industry was new and in its initial, there was not much the industry offered. At that time, the cryptocurrency industry only provided the users with the mining facility.

Unfortunately, not many of the users were familiar to were expert enough in the world of programming and technicalities to involve in cryptocurrency mining. However, as time passed by, the cryptocurrency industry continued growth in trading volumes, user-base, and products.

Although the cryptocurrency industry was initially launched as a decentralized entity, it soon gave birth to the centralized sector as well. This made the cryptocurrency industry grow even bigger, as the majority of the mainstream investors were attracted to centralized platforms.

That is when the cryptocurrency industry experienced its first boom in 2017 when the overall cryptocurrency market turned bullish. At that point, the price of each cryptocurrency was at an all-time high and the industry was blossoming.

As the industry gained more attention from the mainstream sector, the worst plunge of the decade was experienced towards the end of 2017. When that happened, the entire cryptocurrency industry went all the way to the bottom in terms of price and market capitalization.

After that, the industry gradually started growing in valuation and price. This phenomenon continued taking place until December 2020 arrived and the entire cryptocurrency industry experienced its second boom.

Since then, the cryptocurrency industry is constantly growing in number in terms of adoption, trades, products, and trading assets. An industry that did not even produce a hundred trading transactions in the beginning now has more than 9,500 cryptocurrency assets alone.

In addition to the above, the entire cryptocurrency industry now observes more than $306 billion worth of trades per day through an enormous number of transactions.

This is the reason why the entire cryptocurrency industry has become rather slow and users constantly complain about delayed and costly transaction fees.

Peri Finance is an exchange that aims to address all of the above problems in the crypto-verse and aims to find a solution around them. On top of this, the platform also aims to empower investors and build enough confidence in them so they are able to make risky and high-valued decisions on their own.

The firm also aims to aid investors and clients in making more profits at high rates with high investments.

The major reason behind the foundation of Peri Finance is to offer permanent or long-term solutions in terms of high transaction fees and fast transactions. The firm recently held a second fundraiser worth $4.7 million in order to generate funds that would be invested for the expansion, and advancement of its services.

As of now, the firm has generated more than $57 million through a fundraising round with the support of more than 18,000 contributors.


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