Renowned Crypto Attorney David Silver Becomes A Member of Coinfirm’s BOD

David Silver, a renowned US attorney, had joined the Board of Directors of Coinfirm.

The news suggested that David Silver had been appointed as a member on the Board of Directors of Coinfirm.

Coinfirm is one of the most vigilantly active anti-money laundering entity of the world established in UK. It is also known for providing authentic analysis relating to crypto and blockchain industry. After gaining huge appreciation in UK, Coinfirm had established its physical presence in the US as well.

On the other hand, David Silver is a renowned attorney from the US. He is famous for initiating and then representing many clients relating to crypto disputes. His reputation speaks for himself because whenever there is a scam, he is looked at for recovery of looted money.

For the past many years Silver had successfully presented lawsuits against crypto trading platforms before various courts in the US. He had been running a law firm called Silver Miller Law Firm in which Silver is Co-Founder and Senior Partner.

The news confirmed that Coinfirm’s US office was in the process of inducting members on its Board of Directors. It was told that they wanted to appoint Silver as one of its members. For this purpose, an official request was sent to Silver from Coinfirm’s parent office. It was intended that his induction on the Board of Directors will further the cause of Coinfirm. In addition, through Coinfirm’s platform a large number of victims will be able to get their looted digital funds back.

A spokesperson of Coinfirm confirmed Silver’s appointment on Thursday. In the announcement it was told that David Silver had become one of the members of the Board of Directors of Coinfirm.

There was a time when there was a lack of understanding amongst attorneys and lawyers regarding cryptocurrencies. This resulted in weak prosecutions before the Courts of Law and victims could not get their money back. However, in the year 2014, Silver had lodged a lawsuit against an exchange called Project Investors. It was this case which made him prominent amongst the victims of crypto frauds. Most importantly, Silver had always come prepared before the Court and fully learned about the cryptocurrencies.

Since then Silver was hired by various litigants and represented his clients in several out of court arbitrations. He also filed claims against ranked exchanges such as Coinbase, Xapo, Kraken etc.


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