At least four hundred thousand individuals, who all happen to be the supporters of the Shiba Inu crypto coin, SHIB, have jointly signed the petition for convincing Robinhood to enlist SHIB at its crypto trading platform. It was a huge response which Robinhood wasn’t expecting at all. However, the matter of enlistment of SHIB at Robinhood is a sole discretion of the platform.

Robinhood is currently the number one online trading platform which requires no fee and hosts large population of day traders. One can trade shares, commodities, indices, stocks, etc. to name a few at the trading platform of Robinhood. However, two years back, Robinhood also introduced crypto trading at its platform as well. It has an entirely separate department for the digital assets trading which is growing on a very rapid pace.

One of the most highly traded crypto coin at Robinhood is DOGECOIN which stems from a meme and became crypto sensation. It was and is associated with a meme dog known worldwide as “Shiba Inu”. It was developed in 2013 for mocking the high amount of volatility and speculation which are found in cryptocurrencies.

At the end of 2nd Quarter 2021, Robinhood revealed that DOGECOIN’s trading volume represented more than 60% of entire cryptocurrencies’ trading volume. But there is another cryptocurrency which doesn’t only reflect the meme dog’s face but also has its name. This cryptocurrency is called “SHIB”, which is named after the globally famous dog “Shiba Inu”.

People occasionally confuse SHIB coin with DOGECOIN. However, both are entirely different from each other in several perspectives. Firstly, the value as well as the market capital of DOGECOIN is higher than SHIB coin. Both are immensely popular within the crypto community. However, at presently, SHIB coin is taking a lead in terms of its value increase from the DOGECOIN. The price of SHIB is surging with quick gains occurring very rapidly but Robinhood does not provide SHIB trading.

It is therefore an utmost desire of the Robinhood traders that their platform immediately provide for SHIB trading as well. However, it is entirely up to Robinhood whether it want to enlist SHIB coin or not. But in an effort to convince Robinhood, the supports of SHIB coin have moved an online petition. Since the moving of the petition, there are more than 400,000 people who have already signed the petition.

The petition has been moved on an online venue called “”, which usually hosts such petitions. As the name suggests, the website was developed to bring about changes in the world, which the people wanted. as well as Robinhood hasn’t ever seen such a huge response from the public. There had been many petitions moved with in the past. However, none of them had seen such a response. If the petition, seeking enlistment of SHIB at platform, is signed by 500K people, then it would become number one petition at


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