There was a time when the cryptocurrency industry was introduced as an alternative to traditional financing. Initially, this is exactly how people perceived cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With the passage of time, the world has realized that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has much more to offer than traditional financing.

Over time, crypto-blockchain technology has demonstrated tremendous growth and adoption. Different companies and developers have recognized the importance of blockchain technology. They have learned different and innovative ways of adopting crypto-blockchain technology.

Socios is a very example of such innovation and advancement in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. It has found an innovative way of letting fans interact with their favorite sports franchises through blockchain technology.

Since the launch, Socios has added many sports franchises to its portfolio and has provided fans the opportunity to interact with them on a different level.

Initially, Socios exerted its focus on the football sector and has added several major teams in its portfolio since then. The fans get the opportunity to set up their own teams and go for collectibles of their favorite football stars and athletes.

After Football, Socios went ahead and started adding basketball franchises and teams to the roster. So far, Socios has gained a similar amount of recognition and popularity in the basketball sector as it did in the football sector.

Just recently, Socios has announced the induction of another basketball team to its roster. Socios has confirmed that it has successfully signed and inducted the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team to the roster.

The announcement surrounding the induction of the new basketball team was made by Socios on Thursday, June 17, 2021. Following the successful signup of the 76ers, Socios will now go ahead and start working on the fan tokens for the particular team.

This would eventually bring in more fans to the Socios platform and it will become even more interactive. As part of the agreement, Socios would also be marketed through the 76ers platform. This means that Socios will now appear on the team’s social media and website.

On top of that, Socios will also be visible on the screens of the home venue of the 76ers stadium. The particular facility where Socios would be featured through the screens is the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia.

The CEO of Socios as well as Chiliz, a blockchain-based sports platform, Alexandre Dreyfus has talked about the company’s recent partnership with 76ers. He stated that the recent partnership with the 76ers holds a very significant value. He stated that it is for the first time that Socios have had the opportunity of partnering with a franchise from the NBA.

He stated that the fans of the particular team (franchise) would see the tokens for Sixer fans soon and that would help turn passive fans of sixer convert into active fans.


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