Africrypt is run by brothers Raees Cajee and Ameer Cajee and is a cryptocurrency investment company based in South Africa. The firm made it into the world news recently as around $3.6 billion worth of bitcoin went missing from the firm.

What makes this news a matter of interest is the fact that the Cajee brothers, CEO Raees and COO Ameer, have been missing in action ever since. The firm is well-established and even has several celebrity investors.

This matter started when the brothers announced that Africrypt has been had which is why they need to forcefully stop all operations. The company’s website is not operational.

After it was discovered that such a large amount of Bitcoin has gone missing, the brothers made a suspicious move and asked their investors to not alert the police. Their justification for this was that if the police will get involved, then it can become harder to restore the stolen goods.

The brothers cannot be contacted through any means at the moment. Around 20 investors have hired a law firm and registered a case against the brothers in South Africa. The court has given them until July to make an appearance as they cannot be reached at the moment.

The last point of contact with Raees and Ameer, who are twenty-one and seventeen respectively, was on 13th April. This communication was between the investors and the brothers.

The investors did not know much about how much damage was done to the firm during the hacking attack. However, they promised the authorities that they will keep everyone informed if they find out any more details or get in touch with the brothers.

While they are in hiding, the close friends and relatives of the CEO and COO of Africypt have to deal with inquisitive phone calls. Zakira Laher, who is a cousin of the brothers and was a former director at Africrypt has to deal with everyone including the media, police, and investors.

She stated that she fears the safety of her family which includes her newborn baby as investors can get aggressive.

Since cryptocurrency assets are not insured in South Africa, the Finance Sector Conduct Authority is having trouble with the investigation.


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