n Titan’s Light’

This week comes up with another pleasing announcement for the community members of the cryptocurrency and music industry. The announcement is related to a collaboration between a prominent augmented reality artist ‘Sutu’ and a well-renowned DJ ‘deadmau5’.

It has been confirmed by both artists that they will be teaming up to drop an audio-reactive artwork that will be 30-second in length. The audio-reactive artwork will be launched in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT). It has been revealed that both parties are planning to launch the NFT by the end of next week.

The announcement was followed by some brief information around the audio-reactive artwork that will be launched by the end of next week. The artwork will be a 30-second look that will be merged into a track composed by deadmau5 titled ‘SATRN’.

However, it has been confirmed that the audio-interactive 30-second loop will be launched with the title ‘In Titan’s Light’.

For the nerdy members of the crypto-community, deadmau5 is a well-renowned Canadian DJ and is also a producer. When it comes to Sutu, he is a very inspirational and hard-working augmented reality artist.

He is a very popular personality in the VR industry as he is responsible for launching many prominent projects. Some of the major and widely popular projects he has worked on are a nightclub from the ’80s that was inspired/derived from the movie ‘Ready Player One’. Another very prominent project that he has worked on is the VR version of the distracted globe.

In addition to this, he has also worked with huge music artists such as ‘The Weeknd’ and ‘John Legend’ at the Wave virtual concerts. The artist also shed some light on what he is planning to do in his latest ‘In Titan’s Light’ project.

While talking about the new project, Sutu stated that he is imagining a scene where there is a deadmau5 space station that is completely gold. The deadmau5 space station will be shown as bathing in the twilight while it is passed by Saturn’s largest moon ‘Titan’ while orbiting the planet.

The artist ‘Sutu’ has stated that he has selected the most ambient part of deadmau5’s tracker ‘SATRN’. He also provided an explanation as to why he choose the ambient part of the track. He stated that he did not want to go with the part where there is noise and banging. Because that part would be very annoying if it kept on repeating and the listeners keep going through it over and over.

He stated but the video paired with the track will give a very unique and epic scale to the quality. The listeners will get a Blade-Runner-esque kind of vibe as they will listen to the audio and watch the video.


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