John McAfee the Tech guru, British Programmer, businessman, two-time presidential candidate, and crypto advocate died in jail last month on Jun 23rd. He was arrested in Barcelona over charges of tax evasion in the U.S. In a recent development, it was revealed that McAfee was broke at the time of his death as he awaited his deportation to the U.S. The criminal charges against him alleged that he did not pay income taxes over 4 years.

According to Mark Eglinton – an author from Scotland, McAfee spent his wealth on profuse mansions. Eglinton collaborated with the popular antivirus pioneer to write a book. Eglinton was working on an expected book for six months while McAfee was escaping the law enforcement authorities. The book was called “No Domain: The John McAfee Tapes” and Eglinton said that McAfee could not pay him even any advance for the collab.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Eglinton said, “I don’t doubt that if he could have helped he would have”. McAfee told him “My financial situation is worse than yours. I can’t do it”. As per the author, McAfee lost his wealth due to a series of abortive investments in real estate which were scattered all around the globe. Eglinton said, “McAfee kept his money in very safe investments; however, he built bizarre houses. He never slept a night in some of them.”

The tech guru entrepreneur owned many compounds and mansions in Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, and Hawaii in the United States and also in Belize at various points of his life. McAfee confined in him, as per Eglinton. McAfee told him, “The $100m I got from McAfee, goes very quickly.”

The author also revealed that the antivirus icon sold some of those properties back in 2007-2009 amid the subprime mortgage crisis. Doing so, he bore a big loss when real estate prices crashed down in those days due to this crisis. The Author also told that the book is set to be published in December. This book is going to surprise and shock people about the intense philosophy of John McAfee.

McAfee was found dead in prison on June 23rd after the Spanish high court gave the decision to deport him to the United States against tax evasion charges in the US. As per Spanish law enforcement authorities, all clues at the scene showed that McAfee took his own life committing suicide.

McAfee had tweeted a very interesting statement a week before his death. He said that he wished he had hidden crypto-like US authorities believe, however, “it has dissolved through many hands in McAfee team, all my remaining assets are confiscated. My friends evaporated with the threat of any association.”


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