Ethereum is set to launch its most anticipated upgrade “Ethereum 2.0” this week. CoinDesk shares headlines amongst its higher ups for discussion in the forthcoming Ethereum conference on 14th October, 2020.

A conference has been arranged by Ethereum “The Virtual Event Invest: Ethereum Economy” which is scheduled for 14th October, 2020. However, Christine Kim, Research Analyst at CoinDesk, was frustrated over why some uncertainties haven’t been discussed in Ethereum 2.0.

Ethereum 2.0 is a new major upgrade within the Ethereum system which was under development for over two years. In September this year, the pilot test of Ethereum 2.0 was successfully launched. Yet the full-fledge launch is still due.

Chirstine spoke with her colleagues and gave them pointers for discussion in the upcoming conference. She is of view that the developers of Ethereum have not shied away from explaining various aspects of it. They have been explaining features such as sharding and staking yet the overall upgrade remains under-discussed. She thinks that because once the new upgrade is adopted there is no returning back to the original Ethereum system.

CoinDesk’s Chief Content Officer, Casey also said whether there will be two versions of Ethereum systems working parallel with eachother. She stated that there are still very important issues which needs explanation. For instance once the upgrade is applied it is important to see how the market will react, she added.

Casey also said that she will highlight important issues in the forthcoming conference. People are confused regarding what are the new DeFi products launched in the new system. Equally important is how new upgrade will determine the value of these DeFi products, she noted.

CoinDesk also spoke about the uncertainty prevailing amongst the dapp developers and users regarding competition within the crypto world. Another assumption described by Managing Director of Events of CoinDesk’s regarding smart contracts. He said that what will be the future of smart contracts in the Ethereum 2.0. Would they automatically cease to exist or will they be continuing, Stanley noted.

CoinDesk has proposed to take up these questions in the forthcoming conference on 14th October. The conference will be attended by Ethereum’s founder Vitalik Buterin alongwith Heath P. Tarbert, Chairman CFTC, US.


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