The Crypto-Blockchain Firms to Gain Investment Boost in Switzerland and South Korea

Not matter the analyst or institution, everyone is heard about talking about the success of the crypto-blockchain industry in the year 2020. While the entire world’s economy was facing a demise, the crypto-blockchain industry’s trends were busy flying high.

Now that the year is close to an end, there are very high expectations for the crypto-blockchain industry in the coming year. The current year has set the bars too high for the crypto-blockchain industry but many analysts predict that the industry will only grow up from this point onwards.

Looking at the potential and benefits in the crypto-blockchain industry, economic players from all around the world are now up for grabs. There are several countries from around the world that are in the process of generating high capital to invest in the crypto-blockchain industry.

When it comes to investing big and introducing innovations and developments in the crypto-blockchain industry, two countries are taking all the spotlight. The first country being referred to here is Switzerland while the other is South Korea.

It has been reported that both countries have amassed an enormous amount of capital to invest in crypto-blockchain development and adoption. Both the countries announced that as of now, they have allocated several million US dollars for the crypto-blockchain development projects.

One of the major blockchain accelerators from South Korea known as Hashed has announced the capital it has managed to generate. As per the firm it has managed to generate around $108.5 million through its Hashed Ventures arm. The firm also announced that the firm responsible for accumulating the funds was dubbed as ‘Hashed Venture Fund I’.

As per local sources, Hashed has huge plans that it will carry out in the coming year related to blockchain and the economy. It confirmed that apart from introducing innovation and advancements in blockchain technology, the firm aims to build a protocol economy as well.

By ‘Protocol Economy’, the firm meant that it plans to introduce an ecosystem that will be based on the decentralization and blockchain principles. This would ensure that none of the platform operators would be able to make changes to the protocols as they please.

By introducing the protocol economy ecosystem, the usage of the digital assets will be streamlined and made efficient. This would help the protocol reduce the time taken to process transactions, reducing the costs to the minimum, and increasing transparency in the platform.

On the other hand, Switzerland is also getting ready to make huge investments and dedicate a lot of resources for the crypto-blockchain industry. A crypto bank ‘SEBA’ based in Switzerland recently carried out a Series B Capital Driver. It confirmed that as a result of the capital driver, it managed to generate $22.5 million for the crypto-blockchain developments.


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