OccamRazer is a fundraising launchpad or a vehicle that currently operates on a decentralized network. The platform is known for equipped with feature-rich UX, RegTech tools, and a full suite of compliance.

The platform employs all of the above factors to ensure that it facilitates its diverse users in the fundraising processes. Now, this unique platform will be collaborating with Cardano and will help the platform generate liquidity for its ecosystem.

Over the course of time, the decentralized vehicles based on the Automated Market Maker (AMM) platform have become ill-fit. One of the major examples is IDOs that front-running and extremely volatile. On top of that, these IDOs are unable to provide any detailed information surrounding the processes of fundraising.

This is where the comes in and offers firms an entire catalog of protocols. These protocols are created to be discrete and continuous in nature. These protocols are fully capable of offering smart-contract vehicles and fill the particular niche.

The protocols would prove to be extremely beneficial for processes and use cases that would include fungible or non-fungible, over and under subscribed, private and public. protocol aims to provide users with a detailed and most comprehensible experience and will never take an easy or short route. It has been revealed that OccamRazer will not be the only platform launching.

There will be credit and DEX markets that will be launched to support the ecosystem. On top of that, the protocol will be governed by a well-thought DAO base offering a single governance layer.

Furthermore, codebase, as well as the Occam ecosystem, will be going through independent audits. These audits will be conducted by some of the leading security companies belonging to the blockchain industry. It has been confirmed that Occam has already committed to undergo its first-ever audit. The first audit for Occam will be conducted by Scalable Solutions, which is a cryptocurrency security company based in Switzerland.

The company has revealed that the report for the audit will soon be shared with stakeholders for their visibility. Furthermore, Occam will continue to go through several audits over the course of time as it will continue making developments.

The token that will be fueling the Occam ecosystem would be the OCC token. With the help of the OCC tokens, the users will be able to acquire different services and features through the Occam ecosystem. On top of that, the users will also be able to use the tokens on the monetizing utilities offered through the protocol.

Furthermore, the users will be able to use the tokens for the staking process as well as to gain access to premium liquidity pools.


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