Top 5 Banking ICOs of 2018

The concept of Initial Coin Offering in the banking sector not only proving efficient but also changing the landscape of working model of the banking system. According to the research and statistics by the CoinMarketPlus  it is found that now more than 500 banking ICOs are working in the market actively and it will surpass the figure of 1000 by 2020. So from the statistics, it is not difficult to guess that in future we will see an enhanced figure of ICOs in the banking sector and also a healthy competition Initial Coin Offering List  of bank, which will create new opportunities as well as beginning of  new era in the banking sector. In this post, we are introducing top five banking ICOs of 2018, which are not only technically impeccable but also very popular in the sphere of Initial Coin Offering.

World Bit Bank: 

With some state-of-the-art features like API with open source code, instantaneousness of transactions and top-notch security, World Bit Bank is the world’s first legal cryptocurrency bank. Developed by the seasoned and neat-handed team of professionals this is one-of-a-kind application which you can use for cryptocurrency as well fiat currency. In the stipulated time this ICO has received global appreciation which ensures safe investing and a good return on investment. 


Developed by the dexterous team of professionals, Bixtrim is a multi-functional crypto- exchange platform which simplifies the cryptocurrency operation. Simply put, there are problem arises while operating cryptocurrency like higher tax, slow speed, complicated structure and limited connection etc. But Bixtrim’s solution will solve all problems.  


Joys is widely accepted and an open global blockchain platform that allows adding nearly any cryptocurrencies and tokens as a mean of payment. Founded by the strong team of professionals, the objective of the Joys is to transform digital money into real goods. The notable feature is that with joy anyone can use cryptocurrency as payment without violating the monetary law of respective country.

Lapo Blockchain: 

Using the power of Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence, Lapo Blockchain is a revolutionary financial platform which empowers businesses, traders and consumers with a human centered payment solution. Developed by the dexterous team of professionals, Lapo Blockchain reduces complexity of the business & transaction fee, increase accessibility & usability through innovative and integrated blockchain and financial services solutions.    


 With intuitive interface Spotcoin is a state -of-the-art platform that allow users to make fast and cheap payment for any goods using digital assets.  Some notable features of the Spotcoin is simple liquidity, secure payment and low cost. Spotcoin serves institutional investors, merchants, miners, professional and retail traders.         

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Written by Abhilash Kumar

Hi, My name is Abhilash Kumar, currently working as a Product Manager with CoinMarketPlus. I advises blockchain startups, enterprise organizations, and ICOs on content strategy, marketing and business development. I am working in blockchain industry since 2014.


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