Francis Suarez, who is the Mayor of Miami, has shifted his entire focus towards transforming Miami into a “Crypto City”, a dream project which he thinks will attract global crypto users. He says that the “Crypto City” project is on his top priority agenda and he will do whatever it takes to turn his city in the global crypto capital.

Every person living in Miami as well as in the entire US is aware that Miami’s Mayor, Francis Suarez, is a great crypto proponent. His fascination for crypto is not limited to himself but instead, he is trying to shift the fascination into his city as well. When the crypto boom occurred at the end of 2019, he was amongst the initial politicians of the world who insisted on adopting cryptocurrencies. He advised people to get some of the highly valued crypto coins for themselves as well as for their businesses.

Mayor Suarez was also amongst the few people, who took crypto initiatives such as paying salaries of public officials into Bitcoin. Most importantly, his decision was fully endorsed by the public officials and public functionaries, Suarez represented. He further advised that even taxes can be collected in digital currency form as well. Though the public functionaries/officials have agreed to crypto salaries and taxes, the decision requires Federal Government approval, which is pending.

When Suarez witnessed this support, he decided to take his crypto fascination to a whole different level. He came up with an idea in which he dreamt of his city turning into a “crypto city”. He thought that by developing a crypto city within, Miami can become the crypto capital for earthly nations.

In one of his recent interviews at Bloomberg, he was once again seen promoting the idea of turning Miami into a crypto city. He is busy these days in convincing US Senators to persuade Federal Government to approve payment of salaries and tax collection in crypto. He has plans that a reasonable portion of the revenue collected in Miami should be utilized towards crypto investment. Bloomberg also got the chance to ask him how he scales his crypto initiative on priority agenda.

Suarez responded by saying that crypto is undoubtedly at the top of his priority list. He thinks that there is an ample opportunity for the US to become crypto capital for the entire world. The Mayor also pointed out that in the pursuit of his top priority, he has already done certain things. He told firstly that he has drafted a proposal containing recommendations of paying salaries and collecting taxes in crypto. He stated that the proposal will be handed over to the lawmakers in October this year. But all the initiatives are linked with the Federal Government’s approval, said Suarez.

In the end, he said that he is confident that the proposal will be accepted because people in Miami want that.


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