According to the latest reports, UFC has just announced that it has partnered with The full form of UFC is Ultimate Fighting Championship and it is one of the largest and leading organizations in the mixed martial arts industry.

As for, it is currently the top leading firm that offers users in the cryptocurrency industry with online casinos and it is also prominently known for sportsbooks

UFC and made a joint announcement of the partnership on Sunday, March 7, 2021. During the announcement, it was confirmed that the partnership between Ultimate Fighting Championship and is exclusive.

With the recent partnership between UFC and, Stake has now become the first-ever official betting partner of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). It has been confirmed that for now, their partnership will only be region-based so, at present, the regions that will be covered include Latin America and Asia.

For now, it has been clearly stated that Brazil will be excluded from the exclusive partnership between UFC and, which is UFC’s major market.

Although the official announcement of the partnership was made on March 7, 2021, both firms had reportedly started working together back on March 3, 2021.

The sources have confirmed that at that time, the users had access to buying digital content that was unique and was designed for the promotion of the March 6, pay-per-view.

It has been confirmed that both firms will be working together in order to develop and launch more digital and exclusive content for the fans. The content will be designed and released for promotions of the UFC platform, its events, and its fighters.

The partnership between the two companies would ensure that the Stake users are provided with social content as well as VIP experiences.

Nick Smith, UFC’s global partnerships’ vice president also shared his views and remarks over the latest partnership announcement between the two firms.

Smith stated that the entire Ultimate Fighting Championship is thrilled and excited about its recent partnership with The organization is glad that it partnered with one of the fastest-growing staking companies.

He also stated that they are extremely excited that will help them achieve new levels of interactions with their fans. The content that the fans will have access to would be exclusive and highly interactive. The fans will be able to get their hands on content that would be digital and exclusive.

Moreover, will also be developing games that will introduce an entirely new experience for UFC fans.

For those who are not aware of, it is the only platform that is licensed from Curacao to offer cryptocurrency users services such as sports and casinos for cryptocurrency betting.


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