President Nayib Okele wants to implement the Bitcoin legal tender in the most generous way possible and aimed with this objective he has decided to give-away US$ 30 reward in the shape of Bitcoin to each and every citizen of El-Salvador. He revealed the give-away offer by suggesting that every citizen will be paid US$ 30 worth of Bitcoin from the BTC digital wallet owned by the Government.

Nayib Okele, who is the premier of El-Salvador, has been looking forward to seeing his dream coming true. He was the first leader of a state in the world who developed confidence in digital currency. So much so that he himself decided that he would make sure that the lead virtual currency Bitcoin is embraced as “national currency”. He then took his Government into confidence and asked them to do the needful. A legal tender was then prepared which could make the dream come true. Bukele then announced that the proposed law will become effective by 7th September 2021.

As of today, the law is implemented in its full force and at least 550 Bitcoins have been bought by the Government so far. Luckily, the Government was able to buy the coins when it was undergoing an enormous dip. After having acquired the coins into the dip, the value went high and huge profits have been made.

However, though the President has successfully fulfilled the promise he made to his nations. But he made another promise in which he said that he would distribute US$ 30 worth of Bitcoins amongst each citizen. He generously suggested that from the country’s Bitcoin ownership, each citizen will be offered US$ 30 into Bitcoin.

It was further announced that the give-away amount will be deposited in the Chivo app from the country’s own digital wallet. Those who will be downloading the app will automatically receive their due reward, claimed President Okele.

Meanwhile, the international crypto community, especially those who love Bitcoin, started to show solidarity with El-Salvadorans. A trend under “#30for30” title was initiated in which the Bitcoin community started to buy US$ 30 Bitcoins. The trend became instantly popular on social media platforms such as Facebook as well as Twitter. Also, blogs were started at Reddit and other crypto blogging websites.

Crypto community members were urging other crypto owners to show solidarity with El-Salvador. They were asking others to buy US$ 30 into Bitcoin. A user at Reddit suggested in a message that each Bitcoiner should join the trend and purchase US$ 30 Bitcoin. However, the post of Reddit user was quickly removed but the message was picked up by many from crypto community. One of the users replied that it doesn’t matter if the post is removed because he has already bought US$ 30 in Bitcoins.

In the meanwhile, President Bukele too is ready to fulfill his promise of giving away Bitcoins to his citizens.


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