Vulnerability of Bitcoin Core Software Allowed Scammers to Loot Funds

Most recently it has been found out by the team of experts of Bitcoin that due to various lacunas in the Bitcoin Core software which remained undisclosed to the programmers, the software became vulnerable due to which the attackers had managed to loot funds of the Bitcoin owners. It came as a surprise to the entire crypto trading world when in a recently published paper on Wednesday which is authored by Braydon Fuller, who is a protocol engineer at an online crypto shopping website called Purse, and Javed Khan along with Bradon Fuller, who is also a core developer of Handshake protocol. According to both, they were able to figure out the vulnerability in the Bitcoin Core software in June 2018. The vulnerability was duly disclosed by them as the highest severity level which ranges up to 7.8 on a scale of 1-10. In terms of the business industry, the vulnerability in any software with a level of 9 is considered critically high which makes the software most vulnerable against attackers and unauthorized access. Digging further deep in the root cause of the problem, it was found out that the major problem was relating to “remote nodes” which were unable to clear out invalid transactional data and transactions within their memory.

Due to the inability of the remote nodes to clear out such invalid transactional data from their storage resulted in inviting attackers to undermine the cache data which, in terms of software programming, is known as “uncontrolled resource consumption” which was ultimately leading the note to shut down the paper further suggested.

This vulnerability led the experimental payment system within the blockchain of Bitcoin and Lightning Network such as Layer 2 (L2) were became more prone to attacks. However, the full nodes of Bitcoin surpassed this vulnerability and were safe from the attackers and unauthorized access.

The news came in the limelight after two years when Bitcoin was able to overcome the problem very recently by successfully launching a fix patch as a result of which the problem has been taken care of and duly eliminated.


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