It is now in front of everyone that the overall cryptocurrency industry is currently experiencing a bullish run. Whether it is the largest cryptocurrency asset or the smallest, they are all experiencing adoption and rally. So far, several cryptocurrency assets have announced that they are currently experiencing an all-time high figure.

The cryptocurrency assets not only experience a surge and increase in their prices but also market capitalization.

At present, there are many arguments about the reputation of cryptocurrencies. They are curious to know why the cryptocurrency industry is gaining the attention of so many mainstream institutions.

The reason behind that is the very nature and formation of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency industry is decentralized, it has the ability to provide solutions to huge crowds through its services, and the technology is constantly advancing.

The best thing about cryptocurrencies is that anyone can access them from the smallest of investors to the largest investor ever. People are attracted to it because they do not have to pay the very high fees that they incur while transferring money through centralized institutes.

While the entire cryptocurrency industry continues to surge and experience all-time highs, WAVES is currently standing in the spotlight. Waves (WAVES) is a cryptocurrency project that was launched back in 2016.

Since its launch, the digital asset did not experience much adoption and rally. However, the year 2021 has proven to be the best for cryptocurrency. In the year 2021, Waves (WAVES) has gained a lot of success and surges in terms of its price.

The success of the platform comes amid the rally on different crypto-projects that include non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi). One of the major factors behind WAVES’ success is the amount of adoption it has acquired from real-world users.

A cryptocurrency data-analyzing firm, Tradingview has recently shared its findings around the growth of WAVE in the market. According to Tradingview, the price of the WAVES token was $12.22 per WAVES back on April 25, 2021.

In a matter of fewer than two weeks, WAVES’ price has swollen and at the time of writing, its price is $37.61. This means that in a matter of few days, WAVES has experienced a 205% surge in terms of its price.

On the 3rd of May, WAVES also revealed its trading volume in the last 24-hours, showing a staggering figure of $1.24 billion in trades. The Waves protocol confirmed that due to such high trading volume, the WAVES token also experienced a 60% surge in price.

Just like the rest of the cryptocurrencies, WAVES is also flying high since the beginning of 2021. The major factor behind this rally is the mainstream adoption that the cryptocurrency industry has experienced since the beginning of 2021.


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