What Is Avalon Blockchain’s DTube

If people think that the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is only limited to the DeFi sector, then they will be shocked to know that DeFi is just one aspect out of the many that the blockchain industry has to offer to the internet users’ community.

Since the launch of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) in 2009, the blockchain industry has been in the news 24/7 for its development and growth. With so much going on the crypto-blockchain industry, the cryptocurrencies are always observed to have high volatility where on one side, it has its disadvantages, on the other side it has advantages that the investors try to make full use of to make big fortunes.

In 2016, a novel social media blockchain known as Avalon developed and introduced a decentralized platform ‘Dtube’ that was dedicated for video sharing and currently holds the title of being one of the most popular decentralized alternatives of youtube for video sharing.

Adrien Marie, who is the founder of DTube, stated in an interview that DTube stands for a ‘decentralized tube’ and has been developed to run on the proof of stake (PoS) consensus protocol. One of the most prominent features of the DTube is that due to being decentralized in nature, the videos are immune to any kind of censorship as once the video files are shared, they are stored in the decentralized file system (IPFS) that is connected from peer to peer. As a result, if one node is affected or fails, the file will automatically be transferred to the other node.

As per Adrien, the main reason behind the development of DTube was the untrustworthiness that online users now have for the most popular social media and video sharing platforms such as Youtube or Facebook. Adrien added that over the course of time, these social media platforms started to enforce implementations followed by a series of unfair actions that involve censorship, lack of transparency, and most importantly, monetization.

However, the DTube has been developed to immunize censorship so everyone has the freedom of sharing whatever content they want, have no fear of personal information being shared, and being able to earn rewards for the contribution towards the growth of DTube.


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