As someone who has had the experience of signing up with many brokers during his lifetime, I can tell you that Pibexa is a broker that you can consider safe. However, I will not make this hollow claim without backing it up. I can provide you with a lot of reasons on why I find this broker to be a safe one for new and experienced traders. When you are new to trading, you want to make sure that you sign up with only a broker that can provide you with a safe trading platform. Will you get one with this broker? You can find that out when you read this complete Pibexa review.

Why You Trade Safely with Pibexa

·         The KYC and AML Policies

You know, a broker that is fair with its traders will not provide its trading platform to anyone who does not intend to use the trading platform for legal means. I can tell you that I have seen many online brokers getting shut down by regulatory authorities because they were providing their online trading accounts to money launderers from around the world. What’s worse is when these brokers shut down, they vanished with the money of their traders. You never want to be in that situation. You want to make sure that you are doing business with only a legal entity.

I have visited and explored the website of Pibexa many times. You will find complete information about KYC and AML policies on the website of the broker when you land on it. These policies are mentioned there because the broker wants to provide only safe and fair trading opportunities to its traders. It does not want its trading platform to be used by people who don’t even care about trading at all.

·         Deposit through Safe Methods

If you have signed up with the wrong broker, you will be asked to deposit money through means that are not safe. Why would a broker that wants to take your money allow you to send money through means that will help you track the broker eventually? Well, you will be glad to know that Pibexa allows you to use some of the safest methods of funding your account with it. The broker has provided you with bank wire transfer option that you can use if you don’t want fast but very safe transfers. If you are considering fast transfers, you can go with the credit card option as well.

·         Deposit a Small Amount

The biggest challenge that you are going to face when you sign up with an online broker is that you will usually have to pay a small deposit right when you sign up. This small deposit is what activates your account with the broker. However, it is up to the broker to make things easy for you or make you pay a huge amount. In many cases, new traders don’t have a lot of money and so they are not able to pay this amount. This prevents them from trading in the first place. But you will not have to face such a scenario when you sign up with Pibexa.

This broker has provided you with many account options. If you are only looking to test the waters before you step into trading, you can go with the most basic account. Look at the account details on the accounts page of the broker and you will find out that you can start this basic account with a small amount of just $250.

·         Segregated Funds and Encryption

You can think of safety in a variety of ways when it comes to online trading. You have brokers providing you with safety in a variety of ways too. So, when you sign up with an online broker, you will have to submit the pictures of your bank account statement. If you want to go with the debit or credit card option, you will have to take the pictures of your card from the front and back. You will then send this information to the broker. You also have to provide your personal identification information to the broker. If you want to keep this information safe, you must ask your broker if it has proper encryption in place.

I can tell you with confidence that Pibexa has proper encryption on its website for protecting your information. Not just that, the broker also has segregated funds feature, which means every penny that you deposit with the broker will go into these segregated accounts.

·         Around the Clock Customer Support

You can never ignore the importance of having proper customer support from the broker who you have signed up with. When you sign up with a broker, you are using its trading platform for the first time. No matter how easy the trading platform is and how easy the broker makes trading sound, you will run into problems. These are problems that you can have resolved by simply contacting the customer support of the broker. However, in most cases, you will not have the customer support from the broker available during weekends and after working hours.

The broker that I am talking about right now is one that you can call for help any time you want. Pibexa has made its customer support department available for you at any time of the day or night. Whether you need help using the trading platform or have issues with your trading accounts, you can get in touch with the broker at any time and have your issue resolved within minutes.

Final Thoughts

You can see that the safety features that this broker has focused on matter to almost all the traders from around the world. Pibexa is a broker that is catering to the needs of its traders from every part of the world, and that’s why it understands them so well. I am very confident that this broker is one of the best out there, if not the best. If you want more information, you should visit the website of the broker and see yourself what it offers differently from other online brokers.


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