A recent strategic partnership between the payment service giant Worldline and Bitcoin solutions Suisse will increase the BTC used in Switzerland as the primary medium of exchange.

Worldline, a worldwide payment services giant, and Suisse, a Swiss-based bitcoin services provider, initiated a new omnichannel payment solution. The usage of this new omnichannel payment solution would establish bitcoin as the most reliable medium of exchange.

This new service entitled WL Crypto Payments will allow over 85,000 crypto traders listed on the Worldline network to accept bitcoin BTC in their point-of-sale (POS) and digital payment wallets. The integration of the bitcoin payment framework will provide the crypto industry with new dimensions to work on. However, it is also assumed that this strategic partnership will revolutionize Switzerland’s crypto market.

“This partnership is a historic milestone for crypto acceptance in Switzerland and beyond,” said Dr. Arthur Vayloyan, the CEO of Bitcoin Suisse CEO.  This step furthers cement the fact that Switzerland is a leader when it comes to innovation and collaborations regarding crypto-oriented ventures, and also a pioneer in blockchain industry developments.

Switzer has embraced crypto and blockchain innovation. Companies are quite actively involved in initiating the latest technologies and exchanges to facilitate crypto trading and payment in Switzerland. Back in the month of June, a banking industry giant BBVA launched bitcoin trading and exchange services in Switzerland. The country’s crypto-friendly rules and regulations set the country apart. Crypto scholars have often praised the regulatory vision of Switzerland.

BBVA has incorporated a whole new bitcoin management system into the BBV Switzerland app. However, it remained unclear whether the BBV Switzerland app allows customers to withdraw the funds into the wallets they own. BBV’s current app is managerial in nature.  Back in the month of April, an insurance company AXA started to offer bitcoin-powered payment services in the country to fulfill the increased demand for bitcoin payment transfers.

The past couple of months have seen rampant increases in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency asset’s popularity.

The release of the WL Crypto Payments service will enable crypto traders of Switzerland to use Worldline’s payment solutions for the trade. The users can use the Worldline payment framework for the sale and purchase of their bitcoins. Moreover, users can also download WL Crypto Payments Service plugins in their e-commerce payment mechanism to support digital tokens transactions. This means users in Switzerland can use cryptocurrency to buy daily routine goods as well. The recent strategic partnership and the launch of the WL Crypto Payments service have made the life of people so easy. People can now easily convert the payments to Swiss France.


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