According to the recent reports, Janet Yellen is now one step away from becoming the Treasury Secretary for the United States of America. Yellen needs no introduction when it comes to being a position in one of the governmental sectors. In the past, Janet Yellen has worked as the Chair of the Federal Reserve of the United States.

On Friday (January 22, 2021) morning, the Senate Committee on Finance held a voting session to nominate the next Treasury Secretary. Surprisingly, the Senate Committee voting was unanimous in nominating Janet Yellen. The nomination approved Janet Yellen for becoming the next U.S. Treasury Secretary.

After the successful voting outcome from the Senate Committee on Finance, Yellen now awaits for a full Senate voting. If all goes well then Janet Yellen will emerge as the next U.S. Treasury Secretary.

Chuck Grassley who is the Republican Senator also shared his views of the recent voting session at the Senate Committee on Finance. He stated that in the light of the current events and economic pressure, the GOP felt that this step would add up to support the new Democratic administration.

There were several other Republicans who shared their experience of the voting session that was carried out around the new U.S. Treasury Secretary. He stated that they do not fully agree with some of Yellen’s policy stances. Even then they felt that it would be the right step from their end to support the new Democratic Administration.

According to the general consensus from the Senators, Janet Yellen is extremely talented, dedicated, and highly qualified for this role. As of now, there was no other candidate who has had more experience and expertise to tackle the crisis at hand than her.

Although it was expected that the full Senate session was to take place on the very same day January 22, 2021, still the Senate voting session is yet to materialize.

Many of the strategists and analysts are hoping for Janet Yellen to be voted as the new U.S. Treasury Secretary. If that happens, then Yellen will become one of the most qualified and key members of Joe Biden’s Cabinet.

She will be acting as the principal adviser on the fiscal policy as well as economic issues that the country is currently facing or may face in the future. Additionally, if Yellen is elected, she will be the first-ever female U.S. Treasury Secretary in United States’ entire history

During the Senate confirmation hearing that was held on January 22, 2021, Yellen shared her views of the U.S.’s current economic condition.

She stated that if quick and prompt actions are not taken, then the country will end up facing a long-lasting and painful recession. Therefore, it is extremely essential that all parties, whether the administration or the opposition, have to join their heads and come up with reforms.


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