At present, one of the hottest and widely discussed topics in the United States are stimulus checks. There has been a long battle going on among the political parties surrounding the stimulus checks. The questions and concerns are whether the citizens of the United States will be getting their $2,000 stimulus checks or not.

The proposal of handing out stimulus checks follows the government’s efforts to help the American citizens that have been affected by the pandemic. Furthermore, with the stimulus checks, the government is aiming to provide American citizens with support in order to have a good start in 2021.

However, the proponents of the cryptocurrency industry have already started predicting what the American citizens are going to do with the stimulus checks. One of the very popular personalities that has been supporting the cryptocurrency industry for a long time is Mike Novogratz.

In particular, Mike Novogratz has been very vocal about Bitcoin’s (BTC) success and adoption globally. He is one of many proponents that has always supported Bitcoin (BTC) no matter the amount of resistance. Many predictions made by Novogratz have come true and the entire Bitcoin (BTC) community holds him in very high regard.

As per Novogratz, the distribution of stimulus checks by the United States Government can prove to be very beneficial for the cryptocurrency industry. He stated that if the stimulus checks do get distributed to the citizens of the United States, he can see where the majority of the stimulus money from the youth is headed.

He predicted that if the stimulus checks are distributed, the majority of the youth will be looking forward to investing that money in Bitcoin (BTC). He stated that the majority of the youngsters in the country now have “Robinhood” accounts on them. He stated that even the last time, the majority of the youngsters invested money from their stimulus in Bitcoin (BTC) investments.

He stated that the market is sensing everything at the moment. The situation is constantly changing in the global adoption of cryptocurrencies and so are the mindsets. While the majority of the working-class Americans are still struggling to maintain economic stability, investors, and youngsters are planning otherwise.

They have been preparing for the future, which will be ruled by digital technology in near future. Financial institutions such as PayPal, MicroStrategy, JPMorgan, MassMutual, and many others are adopting crypto-blockchain technology in different ways.

No matter the method, things seem to be going in the direction of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin (BTC) in particular. At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is hovering around $38,600, which is the all-time high for Bitcoin (BTC). If the investments keep coming in from investors and youngsters, Bitcoin will soon be hitting the $100k mark.


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