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Introducing Zap, A Wallet Based On The Lightning Network

Send And Receive Cheap And Instant Bitcoin Payments.

Zap Lightning Wallet is based on the lightning network protocol. It makes it possible to send and receive cheap and instant bitcoin payments. This is one of the proposed solutions to scale Bitcoin.

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Understanding Lightning Network

About Zap

Zap development is being led by Jack Mallers. There is no business model and there are no investors. The aim is to serve the community better. Built and driven by the community, Zap is an Open-source code. Much like Bitcoin itself.

I am most interested in helping people and companies use the Lightning Network to solve their problems while pushing bitcoin’s overall success in the right direction.

– Jack Mallers

A friendly interface and ease of use are central to Zap. With an open source policy Zap intendeds for people and companies to use the Lightning Network. Thereby, making it practical to make cheap and quick Bitcoin transactions.


Zap is built on top of the Lightning Network and tests a new technology like Neutrino. Neutrino is an experimental Bitcoin light client. It aims to minimize bandwidth and storage use through the use of compact block filters.

Zap Lightning Wallet Demo

The demo covers aspects of

  • connecting to a peer,
  • opening a channel,
  • making a payment request,
  • and making a payment.


Zap lightning wallet, is one among the many applications like Bitfury’s Flare solution, Acinq’s Eclair wallet, Lightning Labs “lnd” daemon, aiming to utilize the Lightning Network. We have already see SegWit aiming to scale Bitcoin. Layer-two solutions and other new technologies intended to scale Bitcoin further. The central aim is to make it quick and cheap to use Bitcoin.

Zap and other user-friendly interfaces aim to make Bitcoin mainstream. Moreover, as Bitcoin enters a consumer-facing era, this is much required. Finally, we can expect Bitcoin’s mainstream adaptation to accelerate.


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